A Word from Rev. Andrew Hook

I had a detached retina several years ago that left me with a blind spot in one of my eyes. I literally can’t see anything in a quadrant of my field of vision in that eye. I always thought that blindness was darkness. But it’s not even that. Darkness would at least be something. This is just…nothing. It’s blank.

Blind spots are a tricky thing. We might not be aware of them. We only become aware of them when someone points them out or when something changes that makes us pay attention to something we take for granted. This week, I invite us to think about blind spots.

For instance, our building. Walk into a place often enough, and we stop really seeing the things that have always been there. Our brains fill in the gaps from memory. They just are. So, we might not stop to think about how they might look to someone who sees them for the first time. It’s why we’re putting some time in and thinking about how we can design our building to help us in ministry and hospitality.

But in our lives of faith, or our everyday lives, blind spots can also exist. What is there that we don’t really pay attention to any more that needs some attention? Are there blank spots that need to be filled? God promises new life and abundant life. To me, that means a life moved out of the rut into something new and fresh, and a life without blind spots.

Maybe spend a little time this week praying for new sight. Maybe break out of the routine and see what happens. Try to see things with new eyes. You might find surprised by what God is trying to show you.

Rev. Andrew Hook

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