Daily Devotional

Faith In A Time Of Distance

March 27, 2020

John 21:9

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Our scripture today is from one of the most “human” moments Jesus had after the resurrection. The disciples have left Jerusalem after the resurrection and returned to the Galilee region like Jesus told them to do. And for whatever reason, they go fishing. Most of the disciples were fisherman before Jesus called them, so it makes sense that they would pass the time spent waiting for what would come next by going fishing. But after a long night of catching nothing, they’re calling it quits. But then a voice calls out to them from the shore; “Friends, haven’t you any fish?”

There are few things worse than being asked what you’ve caught when you haven’t caught anything. So, I imagine that their reply of “No” maybe had a bit of an edge to it. But then voice from the beach tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. Surely, some of the disciples must’ve remembered when Jesus had them do the same thing when he first called them to follow him, forever ago it seems. So, much has happened since then. And on this side of the resurrection, the memory must have put a smile on their faces. Maybe even of them quipped to the others, “Who does this guy think he is? Jesus?” 

But just like the first time, when they cast their nets on the other side of the boat, they catch so many fish that they couldn’t get the net back in the boat. I have to imagine that the disciple who maybe quipped “who does this guy think he is,” is the one that exclaims, “It is the Lord!” And Simon Peter, (it’s always Simon Peter who is the first to jump out of the boat or rush headlong after Jesus) jumps out of the boat and rushes to Jesus. And as the other disciples finally get to the beach, they find Jesus waiting there with a fire going, grilling some fish, and some bread. Jesus had made them breakfast. (It’s not in scripture, but there must’ve been a pot of coffee somewhere.) 

The crucifixion and the resurrection had changed everything, yet some things never change. Like the power of making breakfast for those you love. This scene is one of my favorites. Jesus, eternal, fully God and fully human, the one through whom all creation came into being, who has gone through the crucifixion and emerged victorious on the other side Easter morning, made his friends breakfast.

This pandemic is changing everything. Some of the things we used to do, maybe we won’t ever do them in the same way again. How long will it be before large crowds seem “normal” again? But some things won’t change. Like the power of cooking for your loved ones. Like showing your family and friends that you love them. Babies are still being born. Maybe a few more will be born 9 months from now. Life still goes on, precious as it ever was. Maybe even more so, now. 

Tonight, I’m grilling hamburgers for my family. It’s not breakfast on a beach made by God. But maybe my family will feel my love for them nonetheless. Some things never change. Especially God’s love for us.

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In Peace,

Pastor Andrew