Message from the Pastor

Magnolia Methodist…Rooted in Grace.


From the earliest days of humanity, we have told stories. From oral histories and legends passed down from storyteller to storyteller, to today’s books and movies and music, humanity is drawn to a compelling story. But underneath all these other stories, God is telling another story, a story that began billions of years ago when creation dawned and continues today. And I believe the task of a church, any church, is to tell God’s story as best as they are able. This is what we are trying to do at Magnolia Methodist.

Our story at Magnolia Methodist is rooted in God’s grace for all people. Our story reaches back almost 200 years, but what is the next chapter? What will be the story of Magnolia Methodist for the next 200 years and who will tell it? We hope to tell that the story of grace in all we do, from the everyday ordinary lives of our people, to the projects and missions we engage in as a church. In everything we do, we want God’s grace to be seen and felt. 

We hope you will join us. I hope you will hear the story of God’s grace for your life. I hope you will find a place to learn to tell that story. And then go out into this beautiful and tragic world and tell the story of God’s grace for all to hear. God is telling this world a story. Are you listening?