November 21

This Sunday will mark the end of the Christian liturgical calendar. The liturgical calendar begins with the first Sunday of Advent, those four weeks of preparation and looking forward to the birth of Christ, and culminates with Christ the King Sunday. In many ways, Christ the King Sunday is kind of like New Year’s Eve for those churches that are mindful of the Christian calendar. And just like New Year’s Eve, Christ the King Sunday is a time to both take stock of the ground we’ve covered in the closing year and to look forward to what is coming. 

Specifically, Christ the King Sunday points us toward the eventual and triumphant reign of Christ, that day when Christ will rule victoriously over all creation and death and sin will be forever conquered. So, this Sunday is a time to remember the work we’ve done, and the work still to be done for the coming kingdom of God. 

I want to invite you to think about what you want to celebrate that has happened in the life of our church this past year. And to spend some time dreaming and imagining what is still to be done for God’s glory. What are the hopes and dreams of Magnolia Methodist for the coming year? What vision is God calling us to pursue here in this place? What parts of our history are we meant to renew and bring with us into the new year that begins with Advent and looking forward with hope to Christ’s birth? 

 It’s kinda fitting that this Sunday often falls right before Thanksgiving, isn’t it? We are given the opportunity to give thanks for the path we’ve walked and all that has happened. But we are reminded to give thanks for hope and that we have a future to pursue together. We give thanks that we have something to look forward to.  

So, while I hope to see all of you Sunday, I know that some may already be traveling. If that’s the case, Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to give thanks for all that you have and those people in your life. And remember that God is not done with any of us or our church yet.  

See you Sunday!